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Pollination Services

Many crops require honeybees to transfer pollen in order to have a good seed set and ensure that a good fruit develops around these seeds. Recommended density of beehives per acre for Fruit and Vegetable crops

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Beehive Management

We provide beehive management to ensure hive survival and maximize hive production. This service may vary with the objectives of a customer whether for honey production...

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Bee  Products

We are the supplier of all bee products such as Bee pollen, Bee propolis, Royal Jelly, 100% organic Honey and Beewax.

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Bee Keeping Equipments

Beekeeping  Equipments

We provide Bee Hives & Hive Equipments,Protective Clothing,Tools & Equipment,Uncapping Equipments, Honey Extractors,Strainers,Wax Foundation,Feeders

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