We take great pride in producing raw, natural honey, and providing the highest level of traceability and quality control.

We provide the highest quality, affordable, easy to manage beekeeping equipment to maximize honey production.

We understand that sustainable economic development means creating financial value and improving social conditions.


Central Park Bees (CPB) is a sustainable beekeeping and honey production company that sells high-quality honey produced by its rural smallholder farmers, empowering them to take control of their own lives. CPB gives farmers access to free beekeeping training, access to beekeeping equipment loans, extension services and guaranteed market at a fair and competitive price for the honey they produce.


Mission: To promote beekeeping in partnership with rural communities and willing development organizations in order to turn beekeeping into a sustainable business.

Vision: To become the major beekeeping and honey production company in Tanzania and improve the standard of living among poor rural communities through sustainable beekeeping which in turns protect our environment and boost the income level of households.

The current objective of the company is to promote and supply commercial beekeeping technology (among Rural Communities) namely the Langstroth Beehives and associated beekeeping and honey processing equipment and training as inputs towards increased honey productivity and associated products (Pollen, Propolis, BeeWax, Royal Jelly) which are at the same time of high quality and can successful compete in the local and international market.

– Affordability
– Traceability
– Transparency
– Community based
– Sustainability
– Environmental conservation

Honey Harvest

What Partners Say?

CPBL is a fast growing company led by the team of smart, innovative, exposed, ambitious and committed people. The company is one of the reliable and committed partners we have at the Aga Khan Foundation Tanzania.

William Mato

Alizeti Maendeleo – PM

The team is dynamic, innovative and ambitious in beekeeping and honey production. They have done so many things to promote beekeeping in Tanzania, like to introduce and train modern beekeeping engaging rural communities make money from bees.

Caroline Wang

Henan Bee Healthy – MD

CPB is definitely one of the leading and fast growing beekeeping and honey production company in Tanzania and Africa. Their mission and vision are part of reasons why we (OneBloom Corp) decided deeply work with them in a longtime relationship.

Hiroyuki Itoh

OneBloom Corp – CEO