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Short & Sweet about us

Central Park Bees (CPB) is a sustainable beekeeping and honey production company that sells high-quality honey produced by its smallholder farmers in rural areas, empowering them to take control of their own lives while preserving nature. CPB gives farmers access to free beekeeping training, access to beekeeping equipment loans, extension services and guaranteed market at a fair and competitive price for the honey they produce. Our business model focuses on eliminating middleman who tends to exploit farmers by paying lower prices for the honey.

We are the first honey processing company in Tanzania own a full distribution chain to supermarkets, restaurants, coffee-shops, wholesalers and export market. Our operations enable us to build a complete honey supply chain, which is fairly traded and providing a direct impact to smallholder farmers and traditional beekeepers.

Our mission

To promote beekeeping in partnership with rural communities and willing development organizations in order to turn beekeeping into a sustainable business.

Our vision

To become the major beekeeping company in Tanzania and improve the standard of living among poor rural communities through sustainable beekeeping which in turns protect our environment and boost income level of households and national economy

Our values

The current objective of the company is to promote and supply commercial beekeeping technology (among Rural Communities) namely the Langstroth Beehives and associated beekeeping and honey


Buy our SWAHILI HONEY, the pure and fresh honey from our smallholder farmers, we also have modern beekeeping equipment to maximize your honey output.

our team

Joseph Kadendulah
Founder & Chief Executive Officer
Christopher Kadendula
Co-Founder & Chief Financial Officer
Sophia Chilambo
Chief Operation Officer
Faraji Mkindi
Beekeeping Officer
Hiroyuki Itoh
Strategic International Partner
Alessandro Leornardi
Investor, Mentor and Advisor
Luni Libes
Investor, Mentor and Advisor
Charles Kazaula
Chief Marketing Officer
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