Short & Sweet About Us:

Central Park Bees is a Tanzanian beekeeping supplier of good quality and affordable beekeeping equipment. We are based in Dodoma, Tanzania and we have a team of 7 young and energetic that takes care of logistics, customer service, conducting trainings, accounts, sales and marketing and product development.

Our company is dedicated to work directly with smallholder farmers and beekeepers, making sure they get the right equipment to work with and increase their yield of bee products which includes honey, beeswax, propolis, bee pollen etc. We are happy to provide market for all the products our beekeepers produce and pay a competitive price on time, but also they do benefit from our free of charge trainings and sometimes educational materials to widen their business and beekeeping knowledge.

We have been operating legally since May 2015, and managed to work with so many beekeepers and farmers directly and sometimes through the partnership we happen to have with the government agencies and some of the international organizations.

We do market and sell our beekeepers honey through our famous brand SWAHILI HONEY which is available in almost all the major supermarkets, hotels, coffee shops, bakeries and our own state of art Swahili Honey Shop in Dar es salaam city.

We welcome beginners, beekeeping associations, commercial beekeepers, government agencies and international organizations to partner with us in order to serve the bees, protect our environment, end poverty and create employment for our beloved youth through sustainable beekeeping activities.

Mission: To promote beekeeping in partnership with rural communities and willing development organizations in order to turn beekeeping into a sustainable business.

Vision: To become the major beekeeping company in Tanzania and improve the standard of living among poor rural communities through sustainable beekeeping which in turns protect our environment and boost income level of households and national economy

The current objective of the company is to promote and supply commercial beekeeping technology (among Rural Communities) namely the Langstroth Beehives and associated beekeeping and honey processing equipment and training as inputs towards increased honey productivity and associated products (Pollen, Propolis, BeeWax, Royal Jelly) which are at the same time of high quality and can successful compete in the local and international market.
The vision of the Central Park Bees Ltd is to promote the beekeeping enterprise in partnership with rural communities and willing development organizations and turn it into a commercial enterprise through the use of commercial bee keeping technology and equipment for the production of honey and associated products such as Bee Wax, Pollen, Propolis and Royal Jelly.


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Central Park Bees product I tested was just perfect, pure honey from bees, I recommend to buy these products for health.