About Us

Who we are, what we do and why we do it.

Welcome to Central Park Bees Ltd, the home of beekeepers, advanced beekeeping equipments and training in Tanzania.

Central Park Bees Ltd is a private company currently located in Dodoma working for the development of the beekeeping and honey industry in Tanzania and future plans is to conquer other East African countries as our operations grow. Our company chose to work in the agricultural sector especially keeping bees since the sector offers opportunities in developing the apicultural sector and preserving the nature also reducing poverty since it touches rural communities.

Central Park Bees Ltd is looking forward to cooperate with rural beekeepers communities to facilitate beekeepers to use advanced beekeeping equipments since in Tanzania almost 95% of beekeepers are still using local beehives which have poor productions, low quality of honey for human consumption as a result it leads to poor revenues


Company Objectives

The current objective of the company is to promote and supply commercial beekeeping technology (among Rural Communities) namely the Langstroth Beehives and associated beekeeping and honey processing equipment and training as inputs towards increased honey productivity and associated products (Pollen, Propolis, BeeWax, Royal Jelly) which are at the same time of high quality and can successful compete in the local and international market.

Mission & Vision

The vision of the Central Park Bees Ltd is to promote the beekeeping enterprise in partnership with rural communities and willing development organizations and turn it into a commercial enterprise through the use of commercial bee keeping technology and equipment for the production of honey and associated products such as Bee Wax, Pollen, Propolis and Royal Jelly.