Wax melter honey settler based


New product

Wax melter, honey settler based, 70l, with steam generator

Capacity: 70l

Product category: Honey extraction, Protection gear, Hive components, Storage tank, Wax processing, Filtering filling,

Wax melter based on stainless steel settler has been equipped with steam generators that can melt beeswax.

Capacity 70l.

The device will be useful in every apiary. The water we pour into the tank is heated up. When boiling water begins to evaporate beeswax begins to melt. This simple design is very easy to use. In addition to the wax melters, the set includes a bathtub and stand. The water heats up about 10 minutes. Water tank with a capacity of 4l. The device is powered by 230V and has a heating power of 2000W.

Technical data:

  • power 2000 W,
  • 230 V power supply,
  • water tank capacity 4 l,
  • heating time about 10 min,
  • hose length 3.5 m
  • in a set with a bathtub and stand